Eivind Aarset

Eklektik Session in Wroclaw

Dream Logic Duo and the Eklektik Orchestra

Tuesday, April 23rd from about 19:00 the Dream Logic Duo (Jan Bang and me) are playing again. This time it's a gig in Wroclaw, Poland. Later on the same night, on the very same stage, we will be performing the OST for David Lynch's Lost Highway together with the Eklektik Orchestra consisting of:

  • Alfred Vogel // Austria
  • Ranjit Prasad // USA
  • Jan Bang // Norwegia
  • Eivind Aarset // Norwegia
  • Lucien Dubuis // Szwajcaria
  • Andrzej Strzemżalski / LOV
  • Adrianna Styrcz / Sinusoidal
  • Szymon [d'] Danis / Bipolar Bears
  • Maciek Zakrzewski / Digit All Love
  • Przemek Gibki / Miloopa, Fat Burning Step
  • Michał Muszyński / Miloopa, Fat Burning Step
  • Jan Krzeszowiec / Filharmonia Wrocławska
  • Paweł Brzychcy / Filharmonia Wrocławska
  • Bartosz Bober / Filharmonia Wrocławska
  • Olga Kończak / Digit All Love
  • Olga Kwiatek / Digit All Love
  • Agrest / Los Pierdols
  • Tomek Kasiukiewicz
  • Robert Jarmużek
  • Bond

I am really looking forward to the session as David is one of my favorite film directors.

Hope to see you there!

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