Eivind Aarset

Presenting: Dream Logic

ECM 2301

I am very happy and proud to present my new album Dream Logic and my newly redesigned homepage! The record is a result of the fruitful collaboration between live sampler/producer Jan Bang and myself. I find it hard to describe my music in words so I would like to borrow a quote from ECM which gives an impression of how the music could be perceived:

"With its drifting planes of sound-texture, built from layers of processed guitar, sometimes supported by subliminally-throbbing bass, and its otherworldly ambience, it attains an almost hallucinatory quality, underlined by its avoidance of stressed time. Rhythms are as liquid as Aarset’s phrasing. “Dream Logic” is an album of sound-painting which begins with guitar but goes beyond it"

The web design is made by my son, Øystein Aarset, I hope you like it too! I do :)

I am currently on tour around Europe, playing the material from the new record with my band constisting of

  • Erland Dahlen on drums & percussion
  • Wetle Holte on drums & percussion
  • Audun Erlien on bass
  • Johnny Skalleberg on live sound
We have had a very nice tour so far. You can find upcoming concerts here or under concerts in the navigation.

Looking forward,
Eivind Aarset